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Data Policy
FineFriends allows you to share things with the world. To make that possible, information has to be collected.
This policy describes what information we collect what we do with it.

What kinds of information do we collect?
Things you do and provide
We collect the content you provide when you use FineFriends. Think of posts, you profile details and uploaded files. This can include information in or about the content you provide, such as the location of a photo or the date a file was created.

Device information
We collect information from or about the device you visit FineFriends with. The exact information depends on the device you use and the permissions you have granted. Here are some examples of device information we may collect:
  • Operating system
  • Location
  • Browser (Including name and version)
  • Language
  • Time zone
  • IP address
  • ISP

Information from third parties
If you login using another service, we store some information about your account of that service to link your FineFriends account to your account of the other service.

How do we use this information?
Make FineFriends work
With the information you provide us, we are able to provide FineFriends, personalize it and bring you in contact with other people.
Information about your device can help us to keep your account safe.
With your location, we can show your friends where you are. We do not collect your location unless you add it to a post. Before we can access your location, you have to grant permissions for it in your browser and most browsers will tell you when your location is being used.

Protect our users
Using the information that we collect from your device, such as IP address, browser and operating system, we can protect our users. We use this information to recognise suspicious activity on accounts.

Information like your language and time zone are used to provide FineFriends in a correct language when you aren't logged in and to display correct times and dates.

We use your IP address, browser, OS and some other details of your device to analyise how many people visit FineFriends. More information on this below.

How is this information shared?
We never sell your information to anyone.

Your content
When you share something, all your friends will be able to see it. If your profile is public, eveyone can see it, also people who are not your friends.
Some information always is public, such as your (user)name, and profile and coverphoto.
It is possible that people can download, copy or screenshot your content and reshare it.
If you comment on a post, everyone who can see the post, can see your comment.

New owner
If FineFriends gets a new owner, your information might be transfered to the new owner.

Services for analysis
Information we collected from your device, like your IP address, help us understand how you use FineFriends, with things such as frequency and duration of your activities. This way, we can see how often people use FineFriends and what pages are visited most. All this information is anonimized and we cannot link it to your account in any way. To analyze this information, we use analytics software that we host and maintain ourselves. The last part of your IP address gets removed and the information never leaves our servers.If you want to opt-out from those analytics, you can enable the 'Do Not Track' option in your browser, or use the option below.

How is my information protected?
Your data is yours. It has to be protected and safe. But how do we do that?

Encrypted connection
Every single piece of information that you receive or send is encrypted when it's moving between your device and our servers. The https:// in front of the website means that the encryption is working.

All passwords are saved with a very strong encryption. If you change your password, we do not save your old password

We do not give governments direct access to your data
We don't have 'backdoors' built into our systems. That means not a single government entity has direct access to our users’ information. However, it might be possible that we receive requests for user data from law enforcement agencies, which we have to honor.

Other options for security
We offer additional options for security, like Two-Factor Authentication (TFA).

How do i manage or remove my information?
Content you created yourself, such as posts or profile details, can be changed and/or deleted by yourself. Other information that is collected will be kept for as long as needed. Information linked to your account is being kept until you delete your account, unless we don't need them anymore.

You can delete your FineFriends account anytime you want. If you delete your account, all information linked to it, created by you or collected by us, will be deleted as well. This includes posts, photo's, profile details etc. The only information that will be kept is the completely anonymous analytics data. It is not possible to remove this information.

You can see all the information we have about you, what it is used for and how to change it on this page.

Last updated: 10 February 2018