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Terms of service
Effective starting May 25 2018. These terms of service were originally written in Dutch (Nederlands). If a translated version is contradictory with the Dutch version, the Dutch version is binding.

  • The website: The Website or Site refers to the FineFriends (fifr.nl, finefriends.nl, finefriends.social and finefriendsapp.com) website in the broadest sense of the word.
  • Member/Members/User/Users: FineFriends is a social media website and offers (registered) users - later in this document Members or Users - access to a range of social media functionalities.
  • Profile/Account: After registration, FineFriends creates an empty profile - later in this document Account or Profile - that is only accessible to the member by logging in using the specified username and password.
  • The administrator / moderators / FineFriends: The daily maintenance of FineFriends is performed by volunteers who perform the task of Administrator or Moderator. Administrators have full access to all data on FineFriends. Moderators are employees with limited powers that are only concerned with reporting inappropriate content and managing the contents of Spaces and profiles. In some context, with 'FineFriends' all employees meant.
  • Expressions / content: data you have placed, such as texts, images and other things you have initiated in the broadest sense the word

Welcome to FineFriends!
When you use or open FineFriends, you agree to agree with these conditions can be regularly updated. As the conditions are automatically updated with the changes.

1. Changes

a. FineFriends reserves the right to change these conditions. So check if you use FineFriends, regularly this page. You automatically agree with changes to the conditions.

b. If you do not agree with these conditions, we ask you not to use FineFriends.

2. Privacy
Privacy is very important for FineFriends. There is therefore a special one privacy section that contains important information about how you FineFriends can use to share things with others and how to deal with you information is dealt with.

3. Share content and information

You are solely responsible for all content and information that you have FineFriends places and you are also the owner of this. Content you posting on your profile may be public, this depends on the settings of your account and exactly what you share. Content that you place in a Space is shared only with users who are members of the Space unless the Space is public. Furthermore, the following provisions apply:

a. When you share content or information with the privacy setting public, it means that you are everyone, including people who are not members, gives permission to view and use and link that information to you by means of eg (user) name and profile picture.

b. When you delete content, this is done in a way that you can compare with emptying the trash on your computer. Deleted Content may remain a time in backups, but is not accessible to other users.

c. We always appreciate it if you have feedback or other suggestions about FineFriends, but you have to understand that we can use them without any obligation to reward you for this.

d. Although we are not required to do so, we can update your content at any time and for whatever reason consult, view, screen, change and remove. However, you remain fully responsible for all content you create, upload, post, send or store.

4. Safety, content & amp; content

It is of course the intention to keep FineFriends safe, but this unfortunately can not always be guaranteed. Your help is also needed for this, and you must therefore comply with the following rules:

a. You do not place unauthorized commercial messages (such as spam) on FineFriends.

b. You do not collect user content and do not use FineFriends through automated means (such as robots, harvesting bots, scrapers, spiders or any other kind) without our prior consent.

c. You do not upload / share viruses or other harmful code / files.

d. You do not keep yourself busy on FineFriends with illegal activities.

e. You do not ask people for their login details and do not log on to it another person's account.

f. You will not bully, intimidate, harass or bully users like that.

g. You do not post any content or links and references to content that hatred, threatening, erotic or pornographic, incitement to violence, nude images, needless violence or something similar.

h. You do not use FineFriends for unlawful, misleading, malicious, discriminatory activities.

i. Placing racist or politically incorrect content is prohibited, as well as any content that in any capacity is in conflict with Dutch and local legislation.

j. You do nothing that causes the correct functioning or display of FineFriends disrupted, overloaded or impossible, such as a Denial or Service attack or disruption of page view or other FineFriends functions.

k. You do not facilitate or simulate any violation of these conditions.

l. FineFriends does its utmost to protect your data. So all connections between the browser and the website will expire secure HTTPS connection. However, no rights can be assigned to this granted. By using FineFriends you agree with the given, that the use of online services can never be considered 100% safe and that FineFriends can not be held responsible for the dissemination of your personal data by, for example, burglary or any other reason of unintentional spread in the broadest sense of the word.

m. All information provided to FineFriends is stored in the database and will be treated confidentially to the best of its ability to become. FineFriends is in no way liable for, for example a hack, data leak or any other type of unauthorized access to this database.

n. FineFriends is a Dutch website. The official language is Dutch. The is possible that, regardless of language choice, certain parts of the website to be seen in another language. The website offers the possibility of menus and translate other page elements into some other languages, but to this "user interface language choice" no rights can be derived.

o. Translations of FineFriends can be made by everyone. Despite as comprehensive as possible control, it is possible that incorrect or shocking translations become visible.

p. Members with sufficient reputation points may have inappropriate content report. A "Report" button is visible with every message. This is sent a message to FineFriends in order to avoid the inappropriate content to make known. Notifications will be based on these rules and conditions are assessed. To report inappropriate content and no rights can be derived from this assessment.

q. Messages with potentially sensitive, disturbing, abusive or such content should be marked as potentially sensitive.

r. It is not allowed to receive personal messages or other to share non-public messages without the sender's permission.

s. FineFriends has the right to - without notice or discussion - remove offensive material. This applies to all possible expressions, such as videos, links and even complete ones accounts.

5. Registration, accounts and security
Here are some rules that you must keep in relation to registration and security of your account:

a. You do not provide any false personal information on FineFriends and make without permission no account for someone else.

b. Imitating, impersonating or assuming the identity of another member is not allowed.

c. If you pretend to be someone else, for example a known person, you must clearly state that it is an imitation. If confusion arises or can arise, an account can be suspended.

d. You do not create more than one (1) personal account.

e. A unique user name must be chosen at registration. This one can not be changed afterwards and must be in line with this conditions.

f. A screen name must be chosen when registering. This is can be changed later on and has to be in line with these conditions.

g. The profile photo and cover photo can be changed and must be in line with these conditions.

h. If your account is blocked, it is not allowed to another account.

i. You do not use your personal timeline for commercial gain and you does not create Spaces for such purposes.

j. You may not use FineFriends if you are younger than 18 years, unless you have received permission from (one of your) parents or guardian. If you younger than 16 years, you can not use FineFriends, nor with permission.

k. You keep your contact details correct and up-to-date.

l. You do not share your password with others, no one grants you access account and does nothing about the security of your account and / or FineFriends can damage.

m. You will change the account, username or password of another Do not use or try to use the user without his / her permission and you do not request login details to another user.

n. You are not transferring your account to someone else.

o. There are a number of user and screen names that are reserved. The is not allowed to create an account with as username / screen name / profile / cover photo FineFriends, administrator, management, or any other name / photo that can cause some confusion with FineFriends, its employees and everything that is meant by FineFriends becomes irrespective of the exact spelling, punctuation, or spacing.

p. FineFriends reserves the right to change profiles delete, for example when the user, screen name or profile or cover photo is offensive.

q. The user himself is responsible for a possible back-up of his / her data. FineFriends is in no way responsible for loss of data.

r. The user can adjust what is specific to the security settings groups of people can do and / or view on his / her account, the user agrees that not all settings can be changed and that he / she is responsible for these institutions.

s. You will not attempt to gain access to parts or facilities for which you are not authorized.

t. You will not scan our services, systems or networks or testing for weak spots without permission.

6. Protect the rights of others
FineFriends respects the rights of others and assumes you this also does.

a. You do not post any content or take no action on FineFriends with which the rights of someone else are violated or violated, with which you conditions or with which the law becomes in any way whatsoever violate.

b. FineFriends reserves the right without notice, warning or discussion to suspend or delete your account.

c. If you collect information from users you must: their consent get, make it clear that you (and not FineFriends) are the ones who collect information and publish a privacy policy explained what information you gather and how you use it.

d. You do not place Identity documents, sensitive financial or such information from yourself and others on FineFriends.

7. Social behavior

FineFriends is a social network. A basic functionality of the site is the "Friends" of other users of the network. Users of FineFriends determine themselves, by the privacy setting "Screened profile "who can see the profile of the users of FineFriends a social attitude towards other users is expected that one positive contribution for the site. This is the next minimum demands.

a. Friends come and go. Being friends is entirely without obligation and this no rights can be derived from the users.

b. It is not allowed to oblige people - in the broadest sense of the word - to become friends.

c. You agree that users have the right to a friendship refuse or ignore request.

d. There is always some information about it, regardless of your privacy settings your account visible. Think for example of (user) name and profile and cover photo.

8. Terminate account

a. If a member wants his account on FineFriends on his own initiative delete, the removal of the account must be done by the member himself happen through the institutions.

b. When you cancel an account, the profile and all data will be associated with it, such as posts, images, likes and reactions, deleted.

c. Accounts can not be recovered in any way after deletion.

d. Accounts suspended by FineFriends can, for a limited period of time, be made by FineFriends are restored at the request of the member or on the initiative of FineFriends even if the rules and conditions are met. Here is no some guarantee given.

e. Cleared accounts, including all data associated with them, are immediately and permanently removed from our server.

f. See point three (3) for more information on how deleted data being treated.

9. Mobile and other devices

a. We offer our services for free, but please note that the normal rates of your telecom provider (such as SMS and data costs) just apply.

10. Rights

a. FineFriends does not claim any rights of third parties with regard to posted statements or materials.

b. When you place content, all property rights remain related to the content that belongs to you.

c. Content and information that you place on FineFriends can be done by us be removed without any warning or discussion. As a content of FineFriends is removed, can not be recovered, at any time some way. However, you grant us a worldwide, royalty-free and transferable license to host, store, use, display, reproduce, modify, modify, edit publish and distribute.

d. FineFriends is entitled to your content and / or profile (partially) to use in for example promotional material.

e. You do not use FineFriends copyrights or trademarks (including FineFriends, the FineFriends logo and the FF logo) or similar confusing brands, unless expressly stated allowed according to the guidelines or you have written permission.

f. FineFriends is not responsible or liable for placement content in the broadest sense of the word.

g. The user bears the full responsibility for placed (image) material and other content.

h. Rights such as image rights and copyrights remain the property of the rightful owner.

i. It is not allowed without permission from the rightful owner place (image) material and other content.

j. Your expressions and (visual) material can be used by members inside and outside of it FineFriends network are shared. You grant to FineFriends and her users permission to enter your utterances and (visual) material within and outside the FineFriends network, subject to the following point.

k. If your expressions and (visual) material may not be shared by others, you should not post these expressions. If you like this content anyway If you want to place it, you must state it clearly in the expression - for example by placing a message or watermark on the image material, or in the form of a clear text message in the expression - that you are further does not allow spreading and sharing. FineFriends is not in any way liable if your content is then further distributed.

l. It is not permitted to copy any part of the services, modify, distribute, sell or lease, or the software reverse engineered or try the source code of the software.

11. Cookies
FineFriends uses Cookies to enable the use of our services For more information about the use of cookies, please refer to the cookie policy .

12. Liability

a. FineFriends is in no way liable for the activity, placed content and all other user data in the widest sense of the word.

b. FineFriends and / or other direct stakeholders are / are not in any way liable for any damage whatsoever, both directly and indirectly the use of the website or everything that has to do with it. FineFriends does its utmost to keep your data safe and secure prevent you from getting any damage in any way whatsoever, but can not give any guarantee in the broadest sense of it word.

c. Despite the constant care and attention that FineFriends pays to the composition and functionality of the site, FineFriends can not exclude that the site contains incomplete and / or incorrect information and / or (temporarily) not working (well).

d. The user is fully responsible and liable for his use of FineFriends, including, but not limited to, the information / contributions provided by the user.

e. FineFriends is not liable in case of a wrong operation of the site for example, settings can not be changed / ignored be in the broadest sense of the word.

13. Change and termination of services

a. Sometimes we remove functions, products or functionalities or joints we admit it. Furthermore, we can also suspend our services entirely or to end. We can do this at any time, and it possible that we do not inform you in advance.

b. FineFriends can terminate this agreement with you at any time for whatever reason, and without prior notice to you. This also means that we can supply you with our Services stop - or set new or additional restrictions for its use. Furthermore, we reserve the right to deactivate your account with long-term inactivity.

14. Statement of Acceptance
By using FineFriends you agree with all rules and regulations conditions in this document and all future changes - Even without an account / without being logged in. If you do not agree with an or multiple rules and conditions in this document - we ask you for immediately stop using FineFriends. You love you to these conditions, and all Dutch and any other local, state, national and international laws, rules and regulations.

Terms of service