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Updates and important changes to the APIs

API Version 4 + Deprecation V2

August 1 2019
API version 4.0 has been released. It adds new options to make authentication better adjustable for the needs of your application. The only breaking change is very small and simple to fix. You can find more about version 4, how to upgrade and how to use it on the API documentation page.
With the release of version 4, version 2 has been deprecated. It will stop working soon. Please upgrade your API version to V4 to assure that your application will continue to work.

API Version 3

February 18 2018
The API has been updated to version 3. From this version and up, the API supports the oAuth 2.0 standards. This means that you can now easily use the FineFriends API with existing oAuth applications. Version 3 requires some changes to be made to your code. You can find more about version 3 and how to use it on the API documentation page.

Changes to API

January 17 2018
The API has changed to solve a serious security flaw. You will have to update to use the API. Please review the API page for more information on how to update to the new version. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
Apart from this, we made the API faster and easier to implement, requiring less requests and we also improved error handling. We added a section on how to use it to the API page.