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Sensitive content

Posting and hiding senstive content

How do I change my content settings?

You can change the content settings for your account on this page. You might need to re-enter your password to acces the page.

Hide sensitive content

You can hide posts that might contain sensitive content. This will show a warning before showing the possibly sensitive content. We try our best to filter out all the content, but we cannot guarantee that the filter is waterproof. If you see sensitive content that has not been marked as sensitive, you can report it.

Posting sensitive content

If you sometimes post content that might offense or disturb some people, please enable this setting. It gives you the option to mark your posts as 'possible sensitive'. If you post sensitive content and do not mark it so, it might have consequences.

Hide words

You can filter words that you do not want to see from posts. You are still able to see the posts, but the words will be censored. You can set the words to filter on this page.