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Profile privacy

Choose who can see your posts, friends, online status and more privacy settings

How do I change my privacy settings?

You can change the privacy settings for your account on this page. You might need to re-enter your password to acces the page.

Profile privacy

Your profile can be public or protected. If it is public, everyone can see it, including people who are not logged in. If it is protected, only your friends can see it. Your profile includes your posts and profile details. Your name, profile photo and cover photo always are visible to everyone. The posts you place in spaces, are visible to everyone who has access to the space.

Online status

You can disable the online status, or show it to friends only. The online status is shown on your profile, and only indicates if you are online or not, it does not show a time.

Search engines

If you enable this, search engines can show you FineFriends profile in their search results. If you disable this, your profile will not be shown in search results. It might take a while before your profile disappears everywhere. Not all search engines do respect this setting. Your profile still can be found in search results on FineFriends.

Private messages

You can choose who can send you private messages. This only applies to new conversations. If you are already part of a conversation, you still receive the messages sent in it.

Friend & space list

You can choose who can see your friends and the spaces you are a member of.